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Afro Future Tech is a leading diversity supplier partner. We lead through our multiservice collaborative platform and IT offerings that support our ambitions, local, regional and global network of African entrepreneurs. Our company thrives in symbiotic partnerships that lead to turnkey solutions for your organization.

We empower African businesses through Technology & Leading Entrepreneurship Training, giving them access to global and local public and private sector organisations looking to diversify their supply chain and deliver impact programs to diverse suppliers.

We embrace the ongoing paradigm shift with respect to implementing ESG (and sustainable development goals) ensuring the programs we partner to implement impact targeted diverse communities across Africa. Addressing wide ranging equity, inclusion, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, as well as human rights. While also identifying and amplifying the best African entrepreneurs.

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We have a growing need to find and register more IT expertise on the African continent to help us deliver the growing number of projects we are partnering to deliver.


5 Girton Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193

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+27 72 015 4446 and/or +27 880 6261

We Serve on Many Levels Of Information Technology

AfroFuture Tech is a multiservice information technology company that empowers small businesses through training and global corporate access.

We are led by 4 independent business owners who are impassioned by upskilling an emerging era of organisations that demonstrate specialised skills in IT.

We Are Leaders Coworking Industry

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